Dainese Leytherjacket
Racing 3 D-airŪ

Dainese Leytherjacket - Racing 3 D-airŪ - black/white/red
Product no.: 1D20021A66schw/weiß/rot

Products description

A leather icon, now evolved with the ultimate D-AirŪ airbag system. This jacket combines the dream fit of its classic version with the superior safety standards of the D-AirŪ and level 2 protections on shoulders and elbows. Tough Tutu leather with air intakes keeps body climate at best, while S1 fabric and Microelastic 2.0 stretch zones ensure a perfect comfort.

General Features:
  • 1 inner pocket
  • 2 outer pockets on front
  • reflecitve inserts
  • jacket-pants fastening system
  • waist adjustment
Main materials:
  • aluminium
  • S1 bielastic fabric
  • Tutu cow hide
Performance Shock:
  • composite protectors (EN 1621.1 level 2 standard) on elbows
  • soft protectors (EN 1621.1 level 2 standard) on shoulders
  • thermoformed small shoulders with interchangeable aluminium plates
D-AirŪ system:
D-AirŪ is a stand-alone electronic airbag system for on-road use that operates only if integrated with and connected to a Dainese protective garment. The system houses 6 sensors, electronics and a GPS inside the integrated back protector, with no need to install any kits on the bike. The D-air control unit monitors sensor signals 1000 times per second, exploiting a sophisticated activation algorithm..
The D-AirŪ system works in synergy with existing safety guards to protect the following body parts of the driver:
  • neck (limits head tilt relative to neck and reduces helmet movement when unrolling)
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • back
The airbag is inflated with high pressure, is anatomically shaped and has a volume of 11 liters.
D-AirŪ detects and activates its revolutionary additional protection in the following accidents:
  • Head- on and lateral collision with stationary or moving objects.
  • Hit by another vehicle from all directions
  • Highsider: Therider  is "thrown due to the rear wheel sliding then unexpectedly regaining traction.
  • Lowside with and without trumbling : Either the front or rear wheel loses traction and the rider rolls or slides.
Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, D-AirŪ recognizes the violence of the fall and only activates if necessary in the aforementioned cases. It will not intervene, in falls that occur at speeds of less than 10 km/h or when the dynamics do not call for additional airbag protection.

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