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AT DAINESE WE‘RE INSPIRED BY HUMANS: Which is why D-airŪ technology – our most advanced milestone on the road to the future of safety - is a sophisticated system combining a Heart, a Brain and an Intelligence.

Intelligent Clothing is technology you can wear thanks to the innovative integration of expertise from a wide range of fields, including electronics, mechanical engineering and ergonomics. Integration that’s made possible by another field of expertise - that of designing safety tailored to the human body. 

D-airŪ is a protection technology platform that uses an intelligent system to detect danger situations and inflate special airbags developed for motorcyclists. Much more than a product family, D-airŪ is a highly-advanced protection technology that can be deployed in products designed for a broad spectrum of different uses where protection is required. 

D-airŪ is intelligent clothing, able to protect the wearer, even without their intervention, when they are unable to control what is happening. 

The system features different configurations, tailored to the product in which they are integrated and its usage, from the race track to everyday riding.

Some of the latest Dainese Products from Segment D-Air

Dainese Leatherjacket - Misano D-airŪ - black/white/red-fluo
Dainese LeatherjacketSize: 54 1.599,00 EUR   1.049,00 EUR
Dainese Leatherjacket - Misano D-airŪ - black/white
Dainese LeatherjacketSize: 485054 1.599,00 EUR   1.049,00 EUR
Dainese Leather Suit - D-airŪ Mugello R - white/red-fluo
Dainese Leather SuitSize: 54 3.999,00 EUR

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