Dainese Leather Suit
Misano 2 D-airŽ Lady Perf.

Dainese Leather Suit - Misano 2 D-airŽ Lady Perf. - black/white/red-fluo
Product no.: 2D10028N32schw/w/rot-fl.

Products description

The first ever D-AirŽleather track suit designed specifically for ladies, based on Dainese's icon with the latest generation of the D-AirŽairbag technology.The iconic and Dainese's leather track suit with the latest generation of the D-AirŽairbag technology, revisited to enhance comfort and protection. It features new ergonomics like the knee grip inserts, self-locking zippers on wrists, maintaining its legendary fit. High safety standards are upgraded by new sliders on elbows and integrated knee protectors with unexposed stitching. 3rd generation D-AirŽis fully embedded into the suit and integrates the Track-It system, that allows to download and check main performance data like lean angle and speed.

General Features:
  • KGI (Knee Grip Insert technology)
  • knee slider 2.0
  • soft insert on the coccyx
  • waterbag kit ready
  • bi-axial elasticated inserts
  • big aerodynamic spoiler
  • Microelastic 2.0
Main materials:
  • aluminium
  • D-skin 2.0 full grain cow hide
  • S1 bielastic fabric
Performance Shock:
  • advanced knee construction with protected seam
  • composite protectors (EN 1621.1 Level 2 standard) on elbows
  • elbow slider RSS (Replaceable Slider System)
  • seamless aluminium plates on elbows
  • seamless aluminium plates on shoulders
  • soft protectors (EN 1621.1 Level 1 standard) on shoulders
  • soft protectors (EN 1621.1 Level 2 standard) on hips
Temperatures regulation:
  • 3D-bubble fabric inserts
  • localized perforation
  • NanoFeel removable liner
D-AirŽ system:
The D-AirŽ system works in synergy with existing protectors integrated into the leather suit to protect the following body parts:
  • neck (limits head tilt relative to neck and reduces helmet movement when unrolling)
  • shoulder
  • clavicles
The airbag is inflated with high pressure, is anatomically shaped and has a volume of 4 liters.
D-AirŽ detects and activates its revolutionary additional protection in the following accidents:
  • Highsider: The driver is "catapulted" by the motorcycle after the rear wheel slips and suddenly regains liability.
  • Lowsider with rollover: Slipping of the front or rear wheel and rolling the driver.
Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, D-AirŽ detects the intensity of a fall and only unfolds when necessary during one of the accidents mentioned. The system unfolds z. As in falls at less than 50 km / h or falls, where the dynamics does not require the additional protection of the airbag, not.

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